Matt Burns has been involved with children's programming since 1995. In 2005, he became the International Coordinator for Kidztown International and has since brought Kidztown to Africa, India, Peru and Ecuador, as well as various locations in Canada and the United States. In 2012, Matt took on a new role as the Program Director of Kidztown. At the same time he stepped into the Director role of a Before and After School Care Program in Calgary. It was here he realized his passion for running a before and after school program.

Matt has the energy, vision and passion to make an out of school care program that children cannot wait to come to, that parents trust and that the community can connect with. Along with his staff, he is ready to provide your children with the best possible care experience they could have.

What Are Parents Saying?


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"Matt, I have some very serious concerns with your program that I would like to bring to your attention. My kids do not like to leave. Can you please hire staff who are less fun & engaging? Please minimize the crafts and activity choices as they are too interesting as is. Also limit the amount of physical activity, they are getting too much exercise. All kidding aside, I am extremely pleased with the program. I had reservations transitioning from "home" based care to a school based program, thinking it would be a tiring & difficult day for the kids. I've found the actual experience to be exactly the opposite. I've asked the kids many times what they prefer and with no hesitation they always choose your program. A sincere thank you for you & your staff's genuine interest in my kids. I have complete confidence in all of you."

"Our kids really enjoy the program and we are happy that they have somewhere fun and safe to be each day. It makes not being with them easier, when we know how much they are enjoying themselves. You and your crew are all doing excellent work!"

"Your program has been and I hope will continue to be a great experience for my children. They feel safe, trust the leaders/staff and like the variety of activities available to them throughout the school week. I also feel that communication between the staff has been first rate. Whether I initiate the conversation and/or your staff do with me (or my husband), I am grateful for the flow of information and dialogue about my children, their behavior, etc. Thank you for this! This truly is much appreciated."