ENROLL FOR THE 2024 SUMMER PROGRAM - We have really exciting things planned for this summer! Your children will experience new camp themes every week. We serve healthy breakfast and snack options every day. TWO field trips are planned every week, all over and around the city! This is THE summer camp to attend in Calgary. Sign up today!

Klub's 2024 Summer Handbook - Click here to download Klub's 2024 Summer Handbook! This will give you a taste of what to expect for this year, including a list of summer themes, field trips, and policies unique to our summer program. This handbook could be updated before the beginning of the summer, and you can always find the latest copy here.


For the summer months (July and August) our rates are:
1 Week of Care - $300
Multi Week Discount - $800/3-4 weeks
Drop In Rate - $70/day

Please download our Parent Handbook for more details on each package. Every package includes a healthy breakfast in the morning, and snack after school. We also cover the costs for each field trip we take every Tuesday and Thursday for the summer months.

Fee assistance is available for those who qualify. Please visit https://www.alberta.ca/child-care-subsidy.aspx for more information.

Klub's year round hours are from 7am-6pm. We've never understood why other summer camps adjust their hours during the summer months. Your work hours stay the same, why should ours change?

Klub isn't just running a single camp this year, we will be running 18 camps! Every week your children will get to choose between two exciting themed camps to attend. From a ninja camp, to a medieval camp, to a nerf war camp, each camp wil have dedicated leaders to help your child have a summer camp experience they'll never forget!

Not only will your child be able to choose which camps they participate in, we'll be taking them on 18 field trips throughout the summer! Every Tuesday and Thursday the kids will be whisked away to somewhere exciting in and around the city.

If we do one thing well at Klub, it's that we go above and beyond. Here are a few examples:


We are Always Overstaffed:

Right from the start, we have always employed more staff than government required. More staff mean happier staff and a better and safer program for your kids.

Our Staff are Over Qualified:

We exceed the government requirement for staffing. A few examples: We're always overstaffed. The government only requires half of our staff to be first aid trained, while we require everyone to be first aid trained. This training only needs to be renewed every three years, while we require it to be renewed every year.

Your Children are the Programmers:

We take regular feedback from the children enrolled, and use that to shape our program. When your kids feel like their voice matters, it makes KLUB a place they don't want to leave!

Klub is licensed to watch any child who has already attended Kindergarten through to grade six.